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To offer services with high added value to customers and to become their partners indispensable for achieving greater growth, we are continuing to evolve in our operating fields in and out of Japan.

Contributing toward enhance cost competitiveness by making proposals combined with the human resource solution business.




Taking a new step forward

Offering total solutions of logistic and repair services, related from components management, repair and after-repair services and delivery. Making use of it’s know-how on worker dispatch for manufacturing and contract manufacturing

responds to the development of efficient distribution routes and advance processing in the physical distribution of electronic devices.

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We always look at matters from the customer perspective and base our operations on communicating effectively to understand diverse customer needs. We provide our customers a sense of trust and impress them by swiftly responding to their needs in a timely manner. Moreover, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that bring mutual benefit and strive to grow with our customers as a true business partner.

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Experts in technology offering total solutions for your needs.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

The Latest Technology for SMT / Clean Room ISO 7.

Panasonic SMT Lines NPW W2 NM-EJM7D
X-Ray Inspection, FX-300tRX – i-BIT
3D Automated Optical Inspection System, Zenith Lite
3D Solder Inspection System
Co2 Laser Marking System

Electronic & After Market Services

Offering logistic and repair services, making use of its know-how & efficient distribution routes and advanced processing in the physical distribution of electronic devices.

Bilingual Call Center
Kitting & Special configuration of your products.
Board Component level repair.
Software Update Services.
Parts Recovering & testing.
TAT 1.6 days.
Final Product Fulfillment.
Inventory Management.

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